Popsite.net is the reverse DNS for our dial-up equipment accross the country.

We currently have over 2,600+ access locations throughout North America. With such a customer base (approx. 4 million users), it is an unfortunate fact that a tiny percentage of those users are 'spammers' who sign up for "throw away accounts" with our wholesale customers.

Our Network Abuse staff will take your complaints very seriously and do all they are able to in any way to eliminate the originator of the UCE violation. Thanks for your understanding on this matter. For each reported occurance, we can guarantee that the user will be removed from the system within 12 hours.

Our course of action is as follows:

  • First, to identify which enduser was responsible for the "spam".

  • Second, disable the account immediately.

  • If the user has a wholesale account, we contact the ISP directly. The ISP has 24 hours to respond to us that the user has been removed and to return to us signed correspondence stating that they have taken appropriate action against the offending user.

Please report the offense to the following addresses: